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Services • Logistics storage

Paris storage

Translocauto, your transport and logistics solution within the heart of France and Europe.

Translocauto is located in the west of Paris, less than one hour from Paris – Porte de St Cloud (dual carriageway axis Paris to Rennes, toll free), Translocauto offers a wide range of logistics' offers services and a storage area perfectly suited to the current needs of its principals contractors.

A team, composed of a warehouse manager, attended by co-packers, order pickers, operators and also a logistics assistant responsible for following up on files, provides tailor-made responses to every one of your demands:

  • a traditional warehousing or Vendor Managed Inventory (in racks or on the ground),
  • EDI system with an on-line consultation with a secured internet access,
  • labelling,
  • copacking,
  • picking, repacking and order picking,
  • 24/7 hotline.
secure storage Paris - France - Translocauto

In Translocauto, you’ll find a staff ready to guide you, inform you, advise you and guarantee delivery times, by being reactive, flexible and responsive.

a 25 000 m² storage platform equipped with :

  • a security system from the latest generation (anti-intrusion zone surrounding the site, checked access, an alarm and video surveillance (inside and outside) systems),
  • An area made for goods known as sensitive (alcohol, fragrance, high-tech products…)
  • An area dedicated to pharmaceutical products (Polepharma member),
  • A Warehouse Management System-WMS; stock management in real-time with bar codes,
  • An area for orders picking (copacking, picking, kitting, packaging…).

Translocauto positions itself as a major key in transport and logistics in France and Europe. The global logistics solution Translocauto implements contributes to the optimization of your supply chain. Your issue is ours: benefiting from a global logistics response that guarantees the customer's satisfaction day after day.

Translocauto, your first class logistics.

Translocauto - carrier, courier service, storage, logistics and copacking based in Dreux, only a few minutes away from the Ile de France region and from Paris.

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