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Services • Courier service

french steed

Translocauto, courier service in the Eure-et-Loir department (28), around Paris and in Normandy (27 and 76).

Every day Translocauto ensures the handling and distribution of your goods across France and Europe.

This specific activity enables the transport of all kind of products, from one kilo to one ton, for traditional domestic transport. We also ensure the handling of your palletized flows.

The parcel service business requires knowledge and specific means:

  • Great expertise of the field domain in order to give better advice;
  • optimal reactivity;
  • total tracking of the goods;
  • lightweight transport solutions adapted to this outreach activity;
  • safe partners' network.
parcel tracking

Translocauto, Up to date tools in the supply chain.

We put management and parcels tracking tools at your disposal in real time, via an internet access.

This interface enables to:

  • check in advance your parcels;
  • prepare your parcel for shipment (editing a bar code label, and a shipping order…);
  • follow its movement and obtain delivery proof (endorsed receipt).

All our drivers have an ADR driver training, which is a specific training compulsory for transporting packaged hazardous goods.

Translocauto and its partners guarantee the pick up and the delivery of your goods through our network of platforms throughout France and Europe.

According to the pick up and the destination, our delivery dates are from 24 to 48 hours.

Translocauto, the storage, the handling of your parcels, the transport of your goods in domestic transport, part truckload, full truckload and in chartering in France and Europe.

Translocauto - carrier, courier service, storage, logistics and copacking based in Dreux, only a few minutes away from the Ile de France region and from Paris.

Translocauto is a company
which belongs
to the group TLA